Don’t Get Fooled By Flashy Ads 🔸 This is What You Need to Know When Buying a Turmeric Supplement

Don’t Get Fooled By Flashy Ads 🔸 This is What You Need to Know When Buying a Turmeric Supplement


Turmeric Curcumin has been doing circles as a topic of hot discussion among doctors, nutritionists and researchers. Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is regarded as a potent and side-effect-free pain reliever, detoxifier, anti-oxidant and mood booster. Claims are many and benefits are real, however you would be surprised to know that not all the turmeric powder processed as a supplement are equal. Without proper knowledge, you could be easily fooled by loud adverts and purchase turmeric supplements that would not bring the results you are aiming at.

One of the most common customer remarks about turmeric dietary supplement is that they have tried the product, and it hasn’t worked for them. These types of remarks can make you skeptical, and leave you wondering whether this time it will work or not. The answer is simple and straightforward – “Yes, if you make a SMART BUY, this time it will certainly work”. The main reason behind this answer is that you need to know 4 major points while buying a turmeric s capsules. But, to know about this in detail, we need to get a bit deeper into the subject.

Turmeric Secrets Unfolded - Curcuminoids, the Main Active Ingredient in Turmeric

After years of research and scientific studies, the main active ingredient in turmeric responsible for all its health benefits was found and came to be known as Curcuminoids. Higher the amount of curcuminoids in your turmeric curcumin pills more is the benefit. This phytochemical provides all the wondrous benefits to Turmeric and makes it a life saving herb with tremendous healing properties. Ordinary Turmeric Root Powder contains only 2 to 5% of curcuminoids.

How You Are Getting Fooled By Turmeric Supplements:

Turmeric Root Powder Vs Standardized Turmeric Extract

It is a common misconception that Turmeric Root Powder and Curcuminoids are more or less the same, but in reality Turmeric Root Powder and Standardized Turmeric Extract are utterly different. Turmeric root powder comprises of only 2 to 5% of curcuminoids, whereas standardized turmeric extract contains about 95% curcuminoids, that’s a huge difference. The image below (#1) explains it in a better way.




In the above comparison (#2), on the left is a brand of 1500 mg Turmeric Root Powder. Now you know that turmeric root powder contains 2 to 5 % of curcuminoids, thus by consuming a 1500 mg of root powder you get only 75mg of curcuminoids. Alternatively, on the right side is our brand that contains Turmeric Extract (95 % curcuminoids) in entirety, thus for every turmeric serving of 1500mg of standardized curcuminoids you get a solid 1425mg of pure curcuminoids. The difference is really huge! Curcuminoids is the component of Turmeric that is responsible for all its benefits. Thus, against 75 mg curcuminoids of ot turmeric root powder, our brand provides you with 1425mg of pure curcuminoids, a straight 19x stronger benefit. 1425 mg vs. 75 mg sounds much better, right?

Point #1 for “SMART BUY”

✅ Read "Supplement Facts" on the back of each bottle and make sure how many mg of Turmeric Extract ( standardized to 95% Curcuminoids) your turmeric pills contain. It needs to be the major ingredient of the supplement otherwise consuming Turmeric Root Powder will not bring the result you are expecting.


Why Turmeric Curcumin Supplement with Bioperine is a Must?

Turmeric is insoluble in water and has extremely poor bioavailability. Thus, it is near to impossible for the body to absorb it on its own. Studies have revealed that bioavailability of turmeric can be substantially increased by Bioperine® found in Black Pepper. As mentioned earlier, 2 to 5 % of turmeric comprises of the main active ingredient known as curcumin. In the same way, about 5% by weight of Black Pepper comprises of Piperine. Just like Curcuminoids is responsible for all the amazing benefits of turmeric, Piperine is the compound that provides all the beneficial properties to Black Pepper. Bioperine®, a trademarked form of Piperine slows down the rate at which particulates are excreted from the body. Thus, Bioperine® can increase curcumin absorption in the body by up to 2000%. In other words, turmeric curcumin with bioperine is crucial.


The above figure shows results based on Bioperine. Using a supplement containing Turmeric with Black Pepper might not show the same result as turmeric capsules with bioperine, because Black Pepper is not as effective as Bioperine®. Turmeric pepper and turmeric bioperine are different. To explain it in a better way, Black Pepper contains about 5 % Piperine, on the other hand Biopeine® contains about 95% of Piperine. It’s a huge difference.

Point #2 for “SMART BUY”

 Choose the turmeric extract capsules that contains Biopeine®. The recommended  ratio is 100:1. In  other words each 500mg of turmeric extract needs to contain 5 mg of  Biopeine® (i.e. 1500mg of turmeric extract – 15mg of Biopeine®).


 Point #3 for “SMART BUY”

Do you read “Other Ingredients” on the Label?

Besides listing the active ingredients, supplements are required by law to list all the inactive ingredients. These ingredients include binders, coatings, colorings, and flavorings. In some formulas some of the inactive ingredients are needed to hold the supplement together (such as natural Silica and/or Ascorbic Palmitateand) and allow it to be easily swallowed, but some other inactive ingredients such as rice flour and unhealthy additives are irrelevant and not required at all. You’ll find these in the small print at the bottom of the label listed under “other ingredients.”

Don’t use not reading “Others Ingredients” as an excuse, this area can contain some very important information.

Point #4 for “SMART BUY”

Cost vs. Value

 For most of the things in life, you get what you pay for. Same applies for supplements too. Like any other product in the market, most of the natural supplements are of mediocre quality, some are worthless, and only a few stand out as excellent. You can pay as much or as little as you want for supplements. We’re all concerned about getting value for our money, and we’re sure you too want the best value for your money. But when your health is at stake, it is not at all worthy to go for bargain brands. Keep in mind, some products look like a bargain until you realize that it’s doing nothing for you. Also, you will realize that spending the same amount on high quality turmeric capsules with recommended percentage of 95% curcuminoids fetches a spectrum of health benefits for your body and really helps you with your pain.  You need to buy 2-3 or more bottles of cheap turmeric root products to compensate the effect of one. 

Therefore, Pay attention to amount of 95% curcuminoids per bottle rather than cost per bottle.


 It is really shocking that some people buy herbal supplements without ever checking any of the “supplement facts.” It’s high chance that if you are not reading the supplement label, you are risking yourself towards buying a low grade supplement.

Yes, buying the Best Turmeric Curcumin Supplement is tricky, but if you follow the four points mentioned above, it will surely fetch you effective results. We can put 100% check marks on each of those four points on our Pure Turmeric Curcumin Extract capsules.  Thus, to get the best turmeric pills for incorporating in your life, it is important to check all the details in the label and pay attention to the percentage of curcuminoids in your prospective supplement before making your decision.

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