We offer some options to represent Herbal Code Labs!


Are you a social media influencer or health & wellness enthusiast? Do you run your own gym? Are you a yoga teacher? Do you have your own food or wellbeing blog?

You might want to join our "Free product & Influencers" program.

What you will earn?

FREE products 

Participate in Giveaways

Discount code to share with friends, followers and for your personal purchases

What we need from you?

Create content with our products 

We are flexible with the content you would have to make, we just need at least 2 stories and 1 static post with a positive review as a caption

The static post should be either a feedback video (appreciated the most), or a photo of you with the product

We would really appreciate to create more content and share it with us, to have it in our stock files and reshare it by mentioning you (win-win situation!)


We will discuss further for running a giveaway together

We are more than happy to provide you more FREE supplements, when you follow the above steps

Thank you for supporting us! Your trust and help are the so valuable for us!


Are you a loyal customer and want to spread the word about our natural supplements to your loved ones , friends, followers, customers?

You may want to join the "Earn Money - Brand Ambassador" program.

How it works?

 Share  Refer Earn!
Simple enough. Right?

➢ We will offer you a unique promo code to be shared with the audience you want.

➢ Whenever your code is used, your contact will enjoy 5% off the whole purchase and you will receive 10% commission!

➢ Get Exclusive Discounts – As a brand ambassador, you will receive a 10% personal discount code for any supplement you want to purchase.


If you are a physician, therapist, nutritionist, yoga teacher or medical professional interested in setting up a wholesale account or you want to earn a commission by share our products with your clients.

You are at the right place!

How it works?

Please provide the following information and Contact us via email 

Your / Company Name:


What Products Are you Interested In Carrying?:

Where will you be selling our products?


Ready to start sharing the love of the best natural supplements available?

Contact us and start sharing right away!

You don't think either option fits you? Contact us!

*currently for USA influencers only (worldwide influencers program will be available soon. Please come back and check!)