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What is the best medicinal mushroom?

Facts You Should Know Before Buying a Mushroom Supplement

For thousands of years, ancient cultures all over the world have been using the healing properties of mushrooms without any side-effects. Mushrooms are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, particularly vitamin B2, niacin & foliate. Mushrooms are the only non-animal source for vitamin D. Mushrooms are very beneficial for improving your overall health in a natural way.

Claims are many and benefits are real, however you would be surprised to know that not all the mushrooms processed as a supplement are equal. Without proper knowledge, you could be easily fooled by loud adverts and purchase mushrooms supplements that would not bring the results you are aiming at.

If you are considering medicinal mushroom supplements, you should be sure that the money you are going to spend would actually buy something worthy to boost your immune system. And if you are not careful, there is a high chance that your money goes into waste without bringing any fruitful results. But, to know about this in detail, we need to get a bit deeper into the subject.

How to know whether a company is actually providing quality mushrooms?

Read ahead and look for the information given below on the product’s label or company’s website.

Keep Away From Supplements Containing Mycelium

Your mushroom supplements should contain Mushroom Extracts  NOT  Mycelium.

Even though you see “Mushrooms” written on the front panel of the product, you should double check by reading the Supplement Facts at the back panel or wherever it is written. Pay attention whether the Supplement Facts indicate that it is Reishi Mushroom or it is written Reishi Mushroom Mycelium or just Reishi Mycelium.

Now You May Be Wondering What Is Mycelium Actually.

Mycelium is a lab-cultured sterile vegetative part of the fungus. It is usually grown on grains in low-cost plastic bags. It is strikingly less potent than mushroom because it greatly lacks beta-glucans, the main active and beneficial compound available in medicinal mushrooms. If a company is honest, it will reveal that the product is actually Mycelium.

➢ Trustworthy companies will tell whether their product contains grain or Myceliated grain under the “Other Ingredients” section.

➢ First rate companies may also list the weight of each of the mushrooms, although it is extremely rare to find such descriptions in present day scenario. Round the corner, deceitful companies irrespective of using Mushroom or Mycelium find it easy to use the phrase “Proprietary Blend” or “Proprietary Formula” because this helps them to conceal the fact that their product lacks potency significantly.

Mycelium, a Shrewd Way for Companies to Make Millions at Your Cost

Mycelium is quite cheap and economical. As per commercial mushroom cultivators, Mycelium on grain is mere “grain spawn” and genuinely not an authentic mushroom product. Regrettably, mycelium that is grown on rice or any other grain does not contain the requisite amounts of important compounds found in medicinal mushrooms. Myceliated grain is quite cheap to produce and rather cheap to purchase, but the irony is that the lack of medicinal compounds doesn’t stop it from becoming one of the most expensive products out there.

mushroom extract medical supplement chaga reishi capsules shitakii pills lions mane immune support brain boost

If There Is Mycelium, Then Just Saying More Is Not Enough

A company may claim that their product is a unique blend of mushrooms and mycelium or it has “all stages” i.e. they may try to emphasize that their product has more diversified medicinal compounds. Some companies may claim that their product is “full spectrum”.

Check out that the companies that assert that their product is a “combination” disclose the actual percentage of each fungal ingredient. It may be possible that a company may use only 10% mushrooms in their product. Another company doesn’t even bother to state how much of their mycelium product is composed of real mushrooms. Don’t get fooled. Mushrooms are costlier, and therefore, it is likely that they are either completely excluded or included in lesser amounts just to sustain the claim technically.

The Best Supplement to Buy - Mushroom Extract

Quite interestingly, even though mushroom powders are more potent than Mycelium on grain powders, they are far less potent than the concentrated Mushroom Extract. Un-extracted mushroom products are largely indigestible to us. Extraction breaks down the mushroom cell wall to allow our bodies to access these beneficial compounds.

Hot Water Extracted Mushroom is the Key

As stated above, concentrating mushrooms through Hot Water Extract is the best way to make the medicinal compounds more bioavailable. For extracting non water-soluble medicinal compounds from mushrooms such as Chaga or Reishi, a collective use of alcohol and water is used. However, you should know that many companies only use alcohol extract that makes a comparatively inferior supplement.

Find companies that indicate that their mushroom supplement is hot-water extracted.

We make the best in hot water extracted 7 medicinal mushrooms. 

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mushroom extract medical supplement chaga reishi capsules shitakii pills lions mane immune support brain boost

Ensure That Your Prospective Medicinal Mushrooms Are Organic

Be sure the company uses Certified Organic Mushrooms.

We source our mushrooms from trusted Certified Organic Mushroom Farms.

Read the label to ensure that medicinal compounds have been duly stated

The potency of a mushroom supplement depends on the type and quantity of the medicinal compounds present in it. Make sure that the supplement has beta-glucans and others active polysaccharides.

Ascertain that these compounds have been listed and their respective quantities duly mentioned. Higher is the content of compounds better is the product.

Many Mycelium Growers Advertise Their Products as “Mushrooms”

Be warned that many Mycelium on Grain producers constantly use the terminology “Mushrooms” for getting higher sales of their products. They are actually not complying with the FDA guidelines (see Compliance Policy Guide, Section 585.525). And many dishonest companies don’t even hesitate to go that further. 


There are many companies that mislead customers about their products and their potency.

It’s high chance that if you are not reading the “Supplement Facts” on the product label, you are risking yourself towards buying a low grade supplement.

Yes, buying the Best Mushroom Extracts Supplement is tricky, but if you follow the points mentioned above, it will surely fetch you effective results.

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mushroom extract medical supplement chaga reishi capsules shitakii pills lions mane immune support brain boost

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